Novel Sensorics HW/SW Demonstrator Prototyping: Bringing your vision to life
Increasing the market value of your products by integrating leading edge sensorics is risky, cumbersome and challenging. We take this burden of you as if we your outsourced R&D department. First, we discuss the limitations and the potential of the technology of interest with you. If the technology looks promising, we plan an investigation project focused specifically on your use case and requirements. The project is typically conducted in three stages: feasibility, algorithmic optimization, implementation.
The result of the project is a live demonstrator showcasing the imagined use case.

Offline Business Data Analysis
Based on your business data we conduct an exploratory analysis to identify relevant questions and theses. These questions are then investigated in a thorough analytics process applying a variety of
approaches and fitting data transformations. Typical results of such an analysis are the identification of stark factors influencing target variable(s) defined by you. For instance, factors delaying the delivery data or quality of a product. The results are discussed with you and can be used as the basis for additional advise for your experts or an online support system (see practical online recognition).

Practical Online Recognition
Given an offline analysis of your data we design and implement an online system which will support your experts in their decision making. Note that this diverges fundamentally from today’s BI solutions as we develop and optimize all steps of the analysis pipeline (e.g. preprocessing, features, algorithms, validation) specifically to your data and your business challenges. You are not buying an out-of-the-box tool but an individually adapted system perfectly fit to your needs.