NovelSense is now part of the mobility cluster eMobil BW

The e-mobil BW cluster is the central agency for innovation in mobility of the State of Baden-Württember. It comprises partners from industry, research and public institutions that form a network that shapes transformation processes in mobility. 

As one of very few startups, NovelSense was invited to join the cluster to share insights in the area of software and AI for mobility. The areas of activity inside the network are clustered into six working groups (Fuel cell technology, Electric mobility, Automated driving, Digitalization & Mobility, Charging infrastructure and Internationalisation). With our projects in the area of AI based traffic counting, NovelSense seeks to make an contribution in the area of “Digitalization and Mobility” joining the working group for Smart Mobility Solutions (AG Intelligent Move).

The network membership will help NovelSense to explore new project opportunities and increase the exposure with international partners and clients. This includes companies in Sweden and the US. Other partners of e-mobil BW include industry leaders like IBM, Vector, Bosch, Porsche or Zeiss.