NovelSense wins the Digital Health Challenge

NovelSense is the winner of the 2019 Digital Health Challenge and Hackathon in Nuremberg. The event organized by Zollhof, Health Hackers Erlangen and the Medical Valley was set up to solve real industry challenges in the field of healthcare. The challenges which were provided by Siemens Healthineers, Novartis and Nürnberger Versicherung included a broad array[…]

NovelSense is now part of the mobility cluster eMobil BW

The e-mobil BW cluster is the central agency for innovation in mobility of the State of Baden-Württember. It comprises partners from industry, research and public institutions that form a network that shapes transformation processes in mobility.  As one of very few startups, NovelSense was invited to join the cluster to share insights in the area[…]

NovelSense is taking part in the Zollhof Incubator program in Nuremberg

Alongside with seven other Startups, NovelSense joined the first batch of promising tech companies in the Zollhof incubator. Zollhof is a harbor for deep-tech Startups located in Nuremberg Germany. The Franken region is known for being home to many relevant companies in the field of Tech and Healthcare like Siemens or Novartis. Zollhof provides it´s[…]