NovelSense launches traffic counter

Cities and private companies utilize traffic data to get a quantifiable understanding of the traffic flow. This helps to support infrastructural development and solve problems connected with urban mobility. The project Movebis aims to use crowd sourced traffic data to optimize the quality of bicycle infrastructure.

In cooperation with the project Movebis and the TU Dresden, NovelSense has been developing an easily deployable traffic counter. The sensor system aims to be used in traffic counting campaigns and makes use of AI technology.

The Abakus device is equipped with a camera and is battery powered. Therefore it can be easily deployed “off-grid” (the device only requires 5 Minutes to be set up). In its prototypical stage, the camera based sensor system uses an embedded neural net to detect and count bicycles. It does not store pictures or video sequences and is therefore GDPR compliant.

The technology aims to help cities and private customers to generate more reliable traffic data and close white spots in current traffic models. NovelSense hopes to further develop the technology to consider more vehicle classes and additional application and deployment scenarios. The Abakus is currently tested in cooperation with five cities.

More information can be found on the project website.