NovelSense is part of the DEUS SmartAir mFUND project

DEUS_SmartAir is a pan-European project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (FMDT). It aims to build the largest EU air quality monitoring grid in a modular concept. Within the project, NovelSense is integrating its ABAKUS.AI into the DEUS system.

Air quality continues to be one of the great challenges of the 21st century. To get closer to possible solutions, critical data needs to be available. This is the starting point for the project which aims to build a modular sensor stack which supports and combines a large range of different sensor systems. The open system plans to support cities and other stakeholders in making critical infrastructure descisions. This will enable more efficient traffic planning and new business models based on real-time data availability.

Novelsense provides its ABAKUS.AI traffic counter. The ability to leverage traffic data in combination with air quality metrics is one of the unique characteristics of the DEUS project. The air quality metrics will include e.g. O3, NO2, NH3 and particulate matter. Along with this the system integrates als environmental sensors which will include weather information and sound pollution.